Matisse Manga, planche n° 50
© Girard / Les Enfants Rouges

Drawing at the Museum!
Matisse Manga by Christophe Girard

October 21st – December 31st 2010

The exhibition drawing at the Museum showcases an original comic book treatment, entitled Matisse Manga (published by Les Enfants Rouges, September 2010) by Christophe Girard, which features visitors of the Matisse Museum and its collections.

During the Summer of 2009, Christophe Girard, comic book writer and drawing teacher at the Villa Thiole, the municipal school of plastic arts in Nice, spent a month at the Matisse museum watching and drawing its visitors. These drawings became his 51 ink and watercolor boards featuring the visitor as the main character. His black and white vision, full of artistry and humor, is supported by the Matisse heirs.

Matisse Manga is sold at the RMN bookstore of the Matisse Museum.

Exhibition space of Drawing at the Museum! :
- Introduction by a presentation of a panorama of comic strips on art and museums, in connection with the Bibliothèque Municipale à Vocation Régionale in Nice.
- Exhibition of the 51 original Christophe Girard’s Matisse Manga boards.
- “A Drawing Wall”:
A wall is offered to the visitors of the Matisse Museum, old and young, to let them experience Drawing at the Museum!. For the first time, “drawing on the walls” will be allowed.

Matisse Manga book signing by Christophe Girard:
Thursday October 21st, 11am - 1pm
at the RMN bookstore of the Matisse Museum

The Matisse Museum has chosen to invite a comic book artist in the framework of its search for new audiences. It aims at finding new opportunities, as other museums have done (such as the Louvre since 2005), to showcase its collections in the original format of comic book art.